js: angular touch delay/lag on mobile

I had built InviteAgain.com to seamlessly work on mobile devices. This was the first project in Angular where I wasn’t handling my own mouse/touch up and down, and I just planned to rely on ng-click, and default mouse/touch behaviors to handle the table scrolling.

I was getting what felt like bad lag when running the app on mobile. The connection to the database would load and refresh data immediately, but the user interaction, ie touch, was taking forever to respond. So after some head bashing, I managed to learn the hard way that the library angular-touch, made by angular, is pretty much a requirement for mobile if you are going to rely on ng-click, and not handle your own mouse up and down.

Angular-touch modifies the standard ng-click to remove a 300ms delay mobile browsers otherwise impose while waiting to see if the user is going to double tap. Problem solved!